Monday, October 12, 2009

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Lethem v. Wood: Whose Fault Is It, Anyway? for The Awl
Inside David Foster Wallace's Private Self-Help Library, for The Awl
The Vicious Trademark Battle Over 'Keep Calm And Carry On', for The Awl
Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert, for The Awl
Inception review for The Awl
Avatar review for The Awl
well anyway, here is all my stuff for The Awl

"Poster Boys", New York Times, November 2, 2011

How Video Game Deaths Help Us Live, for Kotaku
I Was Long the Terror and Scourge of Mario Land. The Stalin of Marios. for Kotaku

notes on Roberto Bolaño's 2666
The Wonder of wallace-l, for Infinite Summer

with David Roth

Psychotic jest and infinite reactions: How David Foster Wallace didn’t invent the Internet’s voice, for Nieman Journalism Lab
Adam Gopnik And The Bourgeois Guillotine, for The Awl

interviews with maria bustillos

Dorkisma: an interview with Maria Bustillos
Erin Stropes,

The Art of Love with Lucia, regarding Act Like a Gentleman, Think Like a Woman

Chariots of the Pods? appearance on the Sarcastic Voyage Podcast

An Interview with Maria Bustillos
Marie Mundaca,

reviews of dorkismo: the macho of the dork

"[...] written with such delightful exuberance, familiar chattiness and obvious love for all things dork, you just want to eat it up with a spoon. Dorkismo celebrates the dorks among us, and the dork in all of us; and if you've never been a dork, you will so wish to be one, after reading this charming book. Maria Bustillos welcomes everyone under the vast and open-hearted dork umbrella."
Christie Mellor, author of The Three-Martini Playdate

"Dorkismo: the Macho of the Dork is pure gold. Don't just grab it for the David Foster Wallace chapter (good as it is) but for the celebration of everything that is dork."
Nick Maniatis, The Howling Fantods

"I'm a big ol' dork. Have been since childhood. But never really knew what a badge of honor the title was. Maria Bustillos's brilliant Dorkismo has convinced me once and for all to stop hiding my dork light under a bushel. The book is by turns serious and hysterical, and all the while engagingly written and with an important point to make: the beauty of the dork is her ability to be herself even in the face of what everyone else thinks -- and if we had a little more of that in the world, we'd all be better off. Two dork thumbs, way up."
Kathleen Fitzpatrick, author of The Anxiety of Obsolescence: The American Novel in the Age of Television

"Like the best American intellectuals (e.g., Tony Kushner or Mark Twain), Bustillos is less impressed by how smart she is (very!) than by how entertaining it is to think and say. Dorkismo is an intelligent, passionate and witty celebration of open-hearted goofiness (what Henry Fielding might call "benevolence"). In Bustillos' world view, the nemesis of "dorkismo" is crippling self-consciousness of the hip variety. If you've ever experienced such a thing (I could name my own name), then this book is your ticket to liberation, that is to say, self-acceptance. She wants us to love the things we love, without embarrassment, and get our kicks in joy instead of judgment. I say: Read it!"
Michael Mullen, The Size Queens

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