Saturday, October 17, 2009

a terrific dork r.i.p.

Brendan Mullen died just a few days ago of a stroke. I knew him a little through his lovely companion, Kateri Butler, a dear friend. I was very, very proud and thrilled that he liked Dorkismo ... surprised he'd read it, even, he was such a busy guy. I say a terrific dork because, groovy as he was (c'est à dire, ridiculously,) he really did not give two pins if anyone thought so or not. His enthusiasms were powerful and infectious, and he had the most winning expression of pop-eyed amazement I've ever seen, which would cross his pale, lively, mobile face about five times a minute. I liked him such a lot, and am very sorry he's gone.

A lot of tributes to him have been posted recently, and this is my favorite one.

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